TURNING and MILLING services
Quality, Delivery time, Appropriate price

It is not just metal machining

We understand the wishes of the client, so we provide a complete processing cycle:

  • Order processing
  • Material supply
  • Preparation of preparations
  • Component manufacturing
  • Packing
  • Delivery of parts to the customer
  • Quality assurance in all processes


BGM Industry purchases an additional CNC lathe with a Y axis (24.08.2021)

At the request of customers for the production of more complex parts, we have installed an additional CNC turning and milling machine Doosan Lynx 2100LY with additional Y-axis machining (allows milling in complex configurations) to increase the diameter of the through bar D65mm and increase the maximum machining diameter to 300mm.

Increase production capacity by 30% (11.06.2019)

Third CNC lathe Doosan Lynx 220LM is purchased to ensure faster parts manufacturing and delivery to customer

Tiger at our factory... (15.03.2019)

The most effective and safe way to cut a thread
Roscamat TIGER electric tapping arm with depth control
Equipped with quick change collet with safety slip clutch.
Capacity M2-M27 thread.
Maximum detail width 2000x6000mm

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